You’re All Invited to Lab Noon’s (Virtual) Birthday Party!

This is not a usual post and there’s no recipes. This is an invitation to a (virtual) party!

I can’t believe it! In a short while, it will be a year since I officially launched Lab Noon. I had been working on the blog actually for many months before I could finally present it to the world. 

I feel so blessed and thankful for everything that has been affiliated with this blog for the past year. A year, which on many other levels, hasn’t been the easiest and/or the happiest of my life. And in those hard moments, whenever I concentrated and created something, cooked or baked, shot it, and shared it with you, you always gave me a warm welcome. You who read me, like what I do, love my photos, cook my recipes. You who take your time to leave an encouraging comment, Thank you!

All you talented photographers, bloggers, cooks & designers, who do a plenty of amazing work, and inspire me to do more, thank you! When I first had the idea of creating this blog I barely knew a tiny fraction of all these people, their food, their photos and artwork and their writing. But as I started to walk this path, thankfully I discovered more and more that there are so many interesting realities out there (and not the ones on TV, heaven forbids), who appreciate food, in a new way, or in a traditional way; and more importantly as a way to bring people together and create new opportunities in every way.
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Thank you so much SAVEUR magazine for choosing me as a finalist in the Blog Awards and thank you much more for having voted me. It felt like a million dollars to have the name of Lab Noon among those fabulous bloggers who are really some of the bests in this business. I wish I could’ve been with them in person during the celebrations in NY early this month.  Thank you also Yahoo Food & Food52 for featuring my work. I didn’t imagine in my wildest dream to appear in these websites in the first year of Lab Noon. 

Words are not enough for me to say how I’ve appreciated all of your support. That’s why I thought I’d create a little something. A (virtual) birthday party for Lab Noon. The official birthday of Lab Noon is June 19th, and I would’ve wanted to celebrate it on the June 21st to overlap the official beginning of summer. But due to some technical troubles (including a dead macbook pro, I know, boohoo) we’re postponing the party to July 8th. And I want you to bring a cake (or a dessert, if you prefer).  Here’s the official invitation:

The party has two sections: one for the readers and one for fellow food bloggers.

The readers:
  1. Prepare a cake or dessert (natural & seasonal recipes are appreciated)
  2. Take a picture.
  3. Share it on your social media with #LabNoonsBirthdayParty with a brief recipe, and I will share them on Lab Noon’s social media.
Food Bloggers:
  1. Email me at collab[at] and let me know that you wanna join the party.
  2. Create a new post on your blog to go live on July 8th with the recipe of the cake/dessert you wanna bring to the party. It should link to Lab Noon and other blogs to participate at the roundup. 
  3. Give me the permalink of your blog post maximum by July 6th. (I will make a google doc with your names and the links which will make the link love easy on our blogs.)
  4. Share your/our material on your social media with #LabNoonsBirthdayParty.

There’s a give-away too!

Lab Noon's (virtual) Birthday Party-1-2
What party would it be if there was no gift for you at the end? (There will be a loooot of cakes and dessert, but still!). On July 8th, when I will share you my recipe of Lab Noon’s birthday cake + the links to all the blogs who come the party, you will have the chance to win a pair of these unbelievably cute, hand made cups by Pauta Pot.* I will tell you how on that post.

*Shipping available only in Europe.

So, that’s it. I’ll be waiting here for your recipes, links and photos. I’ll make a second (extended) video to be released on that day with more info and the names of the blog who come to this virtual gathering. Can’t wait!

Lots of love,

Lab Noon's (virtual) Birthday Party-5

Saghar Setareh

Saghar is a Rome-based visual storyteller, currently focussed on food photography and blogging, and curation and management of digital content, where puts her specializations in graphic design, and web & social media strategy to good use.
Coming from Iran, she mostly develops her recipes by combining the aromas of the middle east with the flavors of the Mediterranean, specially Italy, where she has found her second home.
Saghar Setareh

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