{Retreat} The Old School Kitchen: From the Etruscan Table to the Roman Banquet, June 30 – July 6, Tuscany


I am excited and honored beyond words to tell you that I have joined archaeologist and food writer Farrell Monaco to offer you what I’d shamelessly call the dream workshop for food and history geeks and Italy lovers with a side of science and eye for art.

I first discovered Farrell last year quite by chance, and I was blown away by her archaeological research in the food of ancient Romans (particularly her fascinating excavations in Pompeii), and her recreation of many ancient Roman recipes. We met, and many emails and calls later, I am delighted to announce this summer we will take you to a castle in the midst of the Tuscan countryside for a culinary retreat inspired by archaeology and art.

Read on for the full program.

The Old School Kitchen: From the Etruscan Table to the Roman Banquet

culinary retreat in tuscany roman and etruscan food

Join food archaeologist, Farrell Monaco, and food photographer, Saghar Setareh, for a 5-day live-in edible archaeology master class at a palatial medieval castle hidden in a valley in the Tuscan countryside as they explore the food history of Etruria and Rome from 800 BC to the Imperial Roman Era (AD 476).  June 30 to July 6, 2019 – Monte Amiata (Tuscany), Italy.

About the Retreat

The master class will be comprised of 10 sessions held at the iconic Castello di Potentino, a restored medieval castle, that is situated in the heart of an ancient Etruscan valley in Tuscany, Italy. Originally a medieval castle built over an Etruscan settlement, the towering castle boasts three kitchens, two dining rooms, 11 large guest rooms, a pool, an olive grove, a wine cellar, and a vineyard that produces award winning wines. In the surrounding area are Etruscan archaeological remains that take us back 2,500 years in time to a place that is pre-Roman but that is key to the development of Roman food culture and the Roman civilization itself.

Courtesy of Castello di Potentino

Your hosts pride themselves in providing a culinary experience that is authentic and based on legitimate historical data. Daily workshops will begin with a lecture in the medieval chapel adjacent to the castle followed by hands-on cooking, the use of ancient food preparation technologies, ancient meal preparation and bread-making lessons, the use of ancient herbs and spices, food-styling workshops, food photography lessons, and a session on staging Roman food frescoes for the camera. Lessons and recipes will be compiled using authentic sources and peer-reviewed research from the Etruscan, Greek and Roman archaeological, written and pictorial records.

Participants will also enjoy a foraging trip into the countryside with a local resident who will teach us how to identify and prepare edible wild herbs and fungi that are indigenous to the valley and have been used for culinary purposes for millenia.

Left: Panis Quadratus by Farrell Monaco, Right: Panis Quadratus fresco in Pompeii

About your hosts

Left: Farrell Monaco (Photo by Ash Naylor), Right: Saghar Setareh

Farrell Monaco is an archaeologist and food-writer whose research centres on foodways, food preparation, and food-related ceramics in the Roman Mediterranean. Farrell is well known for her experimental archaeology projects where she painstakingly recreates Roman recipes using instruction, ingredients, and technologies sourced from the archaeological, written and pictorial records. Her blog, Tavola Mediterranea, was nominated for a Saveur Blog Award (2018) and her work has been featured on Atlas ObscuraRadio New ZealandMade in Pompei and the BBC. Farrell’s current research is centred ancient Roman bakeries and breads. She is a member of EXARC, the Archaeological Institute of America, and she sits on the media relations committee of the Society for American Archeology

Web | Instagram | Twitter

Saghar Setareh is an Iranian food photographer and writer based in Rome, where she discovered her love for the culinary arts of all forms. Her blog Lab Noon, which was nominated for Saveur Blog Awards (2015 and 2017) and Corriere della Sera Cucina Blog Awards (2017 and 2018), celebrates Persian and Italian recipes. Her work has been published on Italian and Anglo-Saxon websites and publications. She also collaborates with restaurants, chefs and food brands regarding their digital communication and food photography and teaches cooking, styling and photography workshops. 

Web | Instagram | Twitter

Saghar’s food photography & food styling

About the Venue

A Bathroom at one of the guest rooms at Castello di Potentino

Castello di Potentino is an ancient castle built on an Etruscan site. It lies in a secret valley in one of the last undiscovered corners of Tuscany – Monte Amiata.  The medieval building is surrounded by unspoilt countryside, dotted with the vines and the ancient olive trees used for the estate’s small production of high quality wine, grappa and olive oil. Agriculture and viticulture are about growing and living, so eating and drinking well are an important element in the Potentino ethos which is concerned with the sustainability of how we inhabit a place and relate to it physically and mentally.

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SOLD OUT! Workshop in Padua: Photography & Styling for Digital Storytelling, March 4th

Photography Workshop: Photo Lab Padova, Saghar Setareh

I am very honoured to announce this new photography workshop that I will hold in Padua, at This Is Home BnB, that is more than just a food photography workshop, but an experience related to presenting a personal brand or a business identity through photography on social media and websites. 

The workshop will be held in Italian, on Sunday March 4th from 10 am to 6 pm. If you are interested, you can write to me or  info@maisonlab.it. Bellow you can find the full description of the workshop in Italian.

This workshop is brought to you by Elisabetta from MaisonLab.

Photo Lab Padova

Fotografia & Styling per lo Storytelling Digitale

Domenica 4 marzo Guia di This is Home vi aprirà le porte del suo splendido B&B, dal design minimal con un tocco vintage, in cui si respira la magia dei Paesi Nordici ma anche un avvolgente e calda sensazione di casa. Questa la location in cui Saghar di Lab Noon, food photographer e stylist, vi guiderà in un percorso alla scoperta dello storytelling digitale attraverso la fotografia e lo styling.

Una piacevole giornata da trascorrere assieme con l’obiettivo di imparare le basi per creare un’immagine artistica tramite l’uso corretto della luce, delle forme, dei colori, delle texture e della composizione. Spunti teorici ma soprattutto tanto esercizio praticomirato ad apprendere come applicare queste tecniche per allestire il vostro set, curarne lo styling e la composizione. Un’immagine che imparerete ad immortalare attraverso mirati tips di fotografia e di post produzione per una comunicazione visuale efficace.

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Virtual Midsummer Potluck for Peace: a Persian Cucumber & “Sekanjebin” Summer Drink

Virtual Midsummer Potlock for Peace | Lab Noon by Saghar Setareh-21

I. Taking a Stand at an Anniversary

Since I started this blog exactly three years ago, I have lived in four different houses. Early after publishing the first post, I left the apartment I shared with great roommates to move in with my ex-boyfriend. A year and half later, I moved out to another apartment with not-so-great roommates. Then finally a month ago, I moved, again, to a tiny apartment right under the Colosseum. The latter, is one of the most exciting and demanding events of my adult life. 

Home, has a always been a big theme in this blog, as I said right in the beginning (gosh, that ‘about’ page needs to be updated!). It’s an argument that occupies my mind whenever I think I’m finally settling down, and whenever I feel lost. Artists, writers and thinkers have dedicated years to work on the subject of home, and movement. I prefer to refer to them, rather than poorly attempting to elaborate this vast subject. But, again, home, it returns, and it is in a way the core of Lab Noon. 

Virtual Midsummer Potlock for Peace | Lab Noon by Saghar Setareh-15

Virtual Midsummer Potlock for Peace | Lab Noon by Saghar Setareh-9
Virtual Midsummer Potlock for Peace | Lab Noon by Saghar Setareh-20

Virtual Midsummer Potlock for Peace | Lab Noon by Saghar Setareh-11

Lab Noon, was born as a laboratory of (metaphoric) fermentation and baking, as noon means bread in Persian, other than midday. I wanted this virtual space to be my home, no matter where I physically was. I didn’t start this blog as a pure hobby. My intentions were professional right from the beginning, although I didn’t exactly what direction my career as a visual creative and food enthusiast would take. 

Three years later, I work as a professional food photographer, and content creator for social media, and I’m aspiring to more food writing. BUT! I can’t begin to emphasize how important it is for me to keep this blog and my social media, true to myself, and my own values. As late Zygmunt Bauman said years ago, our modern societies are liquid, our reality is fluid. We are living in weird, dark times, and the most dangerous way to behave is to be indifferent. Therefore I am making a plea to all those who have a platform and an audience (which in the era of social media basically means everybody), to take a stand and make their voice heard, while respecting their niche. 

Honestly, I sometimes find it very hard to talk about food and food alone when horrid attacks and bombs and killing is on the order of the day. We can’t increase the violence by discussing the violence and sharing its images. What can do, is however to open up for dialogue; prepare a platform to talk, and to listen, especially to those who are often not heard. We can encourage the conversation. If you think this idea is bizzarre for a food blog, read this note on Food52 that was published the day after the US elections in last November. 

II: A Picnic Blog Party: Virtual Midsummer Potluck for Peace

On that note, I invited dozens of fellow blogger to participate in a virtual gathering and each bring something to eat or drink as IRL. Spread a cloth, set the scene, distribuite the food, eat, drink, be marry and… start a dialogue. Twenty something bloggers have joined me for the virtual midsummer potluck for peace. Some were very eager to participate but couldn’t make it in the end. Many others gave support.

There are recipes of all kind, and different origins. Salads, grills, pies, quiches, bites, desserts and drinks, there’s a glorious amount of summer recipes perfect for picnics or al fresco dining. Check out the guest recipes in the list bellow. I couldn’t have celebrated Lab Noon’s birthday in any better way, so once again, thank you everyone for coming to this virtual gathering!

My recipe is a classic Perisan drink with cucumbers and mint that you can find after the list of bloggers and recipes.
Virtual Midsummer Potlock for Peace | Lab Noon by Saghar Setareh-12

Virtual Midsummer Potlock for Peace | Lab Noon by Saghar Setareh-8
Virtual Midsummer Potlock for Peace | Lab Noon by Saghar Setareh-22

Virtual Midsummer Potlock for Peace | Lab Noon by Saghar Setareh-19
Virtual Midsummer Potlock for Peace | Lab Noon by Saghar Setareh-10
Virtual Midsummer Potlock for Peace | Lab Noon by Saghar Setareh-4

Guests’ recipes for the Virtual Midsummer Potluck for Peace

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