SOLD OUT! Workshop in Padua: Photography & Styling for Digital Storytelling, March 4th

Photography Workshop: Photo Lab Padova, Saghar Setareh

I am very honoured to announce this new photography workshop that I will hold in Padua, at This Is Home BnB, that is more than just a food photography workshop, but an experience related to presenting a personal brand or a business identity through photography on social media and websites. 

The workshop will be held in Italian, on Sunday March 4th from 10 am to 6 pm. If you are interested, you can write to me or Bellow you can find the full description of the workshop in Italian.

This workshop is brought to you by Elisabetta from MaisonLab.

Photo Lab Padova

Fotografia & Styling per lo Storytelling Digitale

Domenica 4 marzo Guia di This is Home vi aprirà le porte del suo splendido B&B, dal design minimal con un tocco vintage, in cui si respira la magia dei Paesi Nordici ma anche un avvolgente e calda sensazione di casa. Questa la location in cui Saghar di Lab Noon, food photographer e stylist, vi guiderà in un percorso alla scoperta dello storytelling digitale attraverso la fotografia e lo styling.

Una piacevole giornata da trascorrere assieme con l’obiettivo di imparare le basi per creare un’immagine artistica tramite l’uso corretto della luce, delle forme, dei colori, delle texture e della composizione. Spunti teorici ma soprattutto tanto esercizio praticomirato ad apprendere come applicare queste tecniche per allestire il vostro set, curarne lo styling e la composizione. Un’immagine che imparerete ad immortalare attraverso mirati tips di fotografia e di post produzione per una comunicazione visuale efficace.

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SOLD OUT! Persian Cooking Lesson, Christmas Edition, December 2nd

Persian Cooking Class in Rome

Your response to my debut Persian cooking class at Latteria Studio has been incredible! The class sold out in less than a week. And since there were so many of you that were interested, I decided to add a new date for another Persian Cooking Class, with a slightly different menù for the festive Season. The Christmas Edition features pomegranates, pistachios, almonds and walnuts, festivity favorites in the west, and celebration food in Iran.

Please join me on Saturday morning on December 2nd, to chat, talk about the basics of Persian cooking, getting in the mood for Christmas and get our hands busy chopping, cutting, braising and stewing.

Persian Cooking Class in Rome
Persian Cooking Class in Rome


Saturday December 2nd, at 10 am


Latteria Studio

Via di Ponziano 29, 00152, Rome (Trastevere)


€79 per person


includes cooking lesson, four course lunch, wine and water


This class has been sold out. Booking is no longer possibile. For priority booking for future courses, write to info{at}


To start

Persian Cheese Platter with herbs (vegetarian)

Main Courses

Tah-chin Kadoo: Persian rice cake with pumpkin and caramelised onions (vegetarian)

Fried dates Frittata

Persian Jeweled rice with pistachios, almonds, barberries and candied orange zest (vegan)

Festive Saffron Chicken with Pomegranates and Walnuts


Mint and Pomegranate salad


Persian Love Cake with roses and pistachios

served with cardamom tea

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The Visual Diary of Summer in Puglia, SAVEUR Blog Awards Nomination & A Salad with Watermelon, Tomatoes and Local Herbs

Lab Noon in Puglia | Watermelon, Tomato & Herb salad | Saghar Setareh_-11

I. The Heat and The Gratitude 

The distance between the desire to lay on a white beach on a hot summer day with a cool beer in hand, and the first hot drink during a rainy day that already smells like Autumn, might feel like a blink at times. In Italy though, that blink can last for several months. Several, hot, exhausting months of merciless summer. I guess at the age of 32 and long after school holidays I should be mature enough to confess that no, summer is not my favorite moment of the year, thank you very much! 

In fact, I believe had it not been for berries, stone fruits, melons, figs and fresh sea food, I would not even enjoy summer. And I am sure, that if it wasn’t for frisa (Pugliese hard bread to be soaked and seasoned before serving with fresh cherry tomatoes) I would probably starve in hot, humid days that cooking, along with any other activity seems plainly impossible. 

Lab Noon in Puglia | Saghar Setareh-58
Lab Noon in Puglia | Saghar Setareh-55

Lab Noon in Puglia | Saghar Setareh-94
Lab Noon in Puglia | Saghar Setareh-42
Lab Noon in Puglia | Watermelon, Tomato & Herb salad | Saghar Setareh_-25
Lab Noon in Puglia | Saghar Setareh-5
Lab Noon in Puglia | Saghar Setareh-81

Please accept this rant about the unacceptably hot summer as a justification for my absence here. Complaints and nags aside though, I have been quite busy. Determined to swim against the tide during August, when all Italy literally shuts down to go on vacation (read “to the beach”), I decided to stay in Rome and work. And work I did! But before August, the month of limbo and transition in Italy, I headed south towards my beloved Puglia, for a brief vacation.

In this post, I try to write only a few words to set the mood and leave everything else to the images, as a visual diary. As you can see there are tons of them, and it took the great part of summer for me to select and edit them (I listened to the whole series of Harry Potter audiobooks in the meanwhile! An utter delight!).

I also add the simplest, most refreshing non-recipe for a summer salad with watermelon chunks, a variety of tomatoes and tons of aromatic herbs.

Of course, the post can’t be completed without thanking you immensely for having nominated me for the prestigious SAVEUR blog awards for Best Photography! The news came as the most pleasant surprise just when I was about to leave Puglia for Rome. I am still speechless and drenched in bliss for this. There’s still a little time to vote, so please keep supporting me! (Update: Voting time is over! Thanks for the support.)

Lab Noon in Puglia | Watermelon, Tomato & Herb salad | Saghar Setareh_-2
Lab Noon in Puglia | Saghar Setareh-16

Lab Noon in Puglia | Saghar Setareh-96
Lab Noon in Puglia | Watermelon, Tomato & Herb salad | Saghar Setareh_-19
Lab Noon in Puglia | Saghar Setareh-56
Lab Noon in Puglia | Saghar Setareh-68
Lab Noon in Puglia | Saghar Setareh-78

Lab Noon in Puglia | Saghar Setareh-26
Lab Noon in Puglia | Watermelon, Tomato & Herb salad | Saghar Setareh_-24
Lab Noon in Puglia | Saghar Setareh-54
Lab Noon in Puglia | Saghar Setareh-69

II. The Pugliese Diary

I stayed in the same country side home that I have been visiting for the past two years; old, authentic and rustic. Built in a dry yet fertile land where ancient olive trees have deep routs in the red earth, grey and white Trulli host guests and a small garden provides the necessary vegetables to feed us all summer long. The eggplants, zucchinis and green peppers are satuèed in local extra virgin olive oil, tomatoes end up in jars of “sala” (tomato sauce) to dress pasta dishes all year long, and even grapes are conserved in alcohol with anice seeds to served as post-dessert after a long meal. 

Meals were often simple and fresh. Local cheese (read tons of burrata and a lot of mozzarella nodini) from nearby masserias (Pugliese farm houses), taralli and olives. Of course, frisa were in the order of the day, and we ordered fresh orecchiette and panzarelli (fried dough filled with tomato and mozzarella) from another nearby masseria. 

Lab Noon in Puglia | Saghar Setareh-34

Lab Noon in Puglia | Saghar Setareh-28
Lab Noon in Puglia | Saghar Setareh-25

Lab Noon in Puglia | Saghar Setareh-11
Lab Noon in Puglia | Saghar Setareh-7
Lab Noon in Puglia | Saghar Setareh-29
Lab Noon in Puglia | Saghar Setareh-24

Lab Noon in Puglia | Watermelon, Tomato & Herb salad | Saghar Setareh_-8
Lab Noon in Puglia | Saghar Setareh-22
Lab Noon in Puglia | Saghar Setareh-36
Lab Noon in Puglia | Saghar Setareh-53

Lab Noon in Puglia | Watermelon, Tomato & Herb salad | Saghar Setareh_-3
Lab Noon in Puglia | Saghar Setareh-95
Lab Noon in Puglia | Saghar Setareh-91
Lab Noon in Puglia | Saghar Setareh-93

Lab Noon in Puglia | Saghar Setareh-20
Lab Noon in Puglia | Saghar Setareh-49

Lab Noon in Puglia | Saghar Setareh-15

Speaking of these typical Pugliese farm houses, I went for a visit of the dreamy Masseria Potenti too! Masseria Potenti, a remodeled fortified-farmhouse-turned-into-hotel, is our venue for The Puglia Encounter Workshop that I will host at the end of October together with Emiko Davis and Alice Adams. I can’t wait to be back there, to chill by the pool, to wander around with my camera and to go treasure hunting in Grottaglie, the land of magical Pugliese artisan ceramics.  Continue reading