Let’s Work Together

Are you in search of a professional food photographer, to create captivating visual stories for your brand or editorial projects? Do you need an experienced foodie, based in Italy to organize tailor made tours retreats? Do you want to learn the art and technique of photography, the basic notions of Italian cooking or the mysteries of Persian cuisine? Then you’re at the right place! I can help you with all that and much more.

The main services I offer to my clients are:

  • Food Photography. Editorial and commercial projects
  • Digital Content Creation for Brands. Food and travel photography, recipe development, food and travel writing and storytelling, social media content
  • Workshops and Classes. Photography workshops and courses. Italian and Persian cooking classes.
  • Travel and Retreat. Organization and guides in Italy, Europe, the Mediterranean countries and Iran.
  • One on One Private Sessions. From private photography workshops to cooking classes, to walks in Rome and other parts of Italy.

Got a question about booking and prices? Shoot me an email!